Friday, 28 July 2017

Bean Boozled

WALT: Add detail to make our writing interesting.The thing I found most difficult was writing the story.

Bean Boozled  27/7/2017
It was a rotten-disgusting morning. I didn’t know that I was about to be bamboozled by Whaea Raewyn. Whaea Raewyn gave us jelly beans that were not very nice. My two were the most disgusting .

I had just sat down when Whaea Raewyn pulled out a box of jelly beans. That weren’t quite what they looked like. She opened the box and a stink revolting smell travelled around the class .

Miss gave the bowl to Lorell then the next and the next then me. I grabbed a jelly bean and I smelt it. It smelt very unusual like rotten socks mixed with mouldy laundry . I slowly put it up to my mouth and dropped it into my mouth. It was the most disgusting thing I have tasted in my whole life.

I quickly ran out to the water fountain to have a drink I still wanted another I grabbed a white jelly bean. As we ate them I could hear everyone going OOOOOOO everyone was running to the scrap bin and the water fountain. At the end I found out what my flavours were barf and spoiled milk.

I would not like to do it again because the jelly beans were rotten and yuck and I only get the yuck ones.                          

By Moko

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  1. A great use of descriptive words Moko keep up the great work.